The International Council for Educational Media (ICEM-CIME) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which has been active in the field of educational technology since 1950. It maintains operational relations with UNESCO and is an NGO affiliate. ICEM has been organizing its International Conference since its foundation and is getting ready to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2010. ICEM also publishes Educational Media International (EMI), a quarterly journal that publishes academic papers and articles about Educational Technology, Online-Learning, Media Design and Distance Education. CARDET represents Cyprus to this international organization.

ICEM, in collaboration with the International Symposium on Open and Distance Learning (IODL), organized by Anadolu University  of Turkey, have come together to organize IODL&ICEM 2010 Joint Conference and Media Days. IODL&ICEM 2010 includes the Third International Symposium on Open and Distance Learning (IODL) and the 60th ICEM International Conference. The rational behind this effort is related to the developments in the field of open and distance learning.

Advancements in information and communication technologies and social changes can be considered the major driving forces for all kinds of educational institutions to offer some form of open and distance learning. Skyrocketed quantity of open and distance learning offerings has brought up important issues and challenges not only for administrators but also for all the players in the field. Discussing these issues to meet the challenges as well as following the trends up have never been so important for institutions to be able to survive in ever-growing open and distance learning market. IODL&ICEM 2010 is intended to offer an opportunity for all (administrators, practitioners, researchers, producers, policy makers, learners, etc.) to meet and discuss their experiences, ideas, findings and solutions.

The main theme of the Conference is the trends and issues in open and distance learning. The scope of the Conference covers four sub-themes:

  • The Design of Open & Distance Learning
  • The Leadership and Management in Open & Distance Learning
  • The Impact of Contemporary and Emerging Media on Open & Distance Learning
  • The Evaluation and Research in Open & Distance Learning


The CARDET team will present its research at this international event. For more information, visit