The quality of teachers and trainers is of paramount importance for a country's economic and social well being. There is a strong need for flexible and evidence-based teacher/trainer professional development programs on integrating ICT in their teaching that will enable them to improve the quality of education they offer to EU citizens. Recent evaluations of the ICT related professional development of K-12 teachers in Cyprus, which was commissioned by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and carried out by CARDET, showed the need for more emphasis on ongoing, flexible professional development for teachers.

The purpose of this project is to advance teachers’ and trainers lifelong learning skills and and to better prepare them in integrating ICT in teaching and training in innovative ways.

Specifically, the training aims at: 1) preparing teachers to teach with ICT, and 2) advancing teachers’ lifelong learning skills by building a community of teachers for sharing, discussing, debating, and improving instructional activities and learning designs.