The purpose of the Design-Practice project is to advance teachers’ and trainers lifelong learning skills and to better prepare them in integrating ICT in teaching and training in innovative ways. Several trainings will be held in the duration of the project, targeting teachers from Cyprus and Greece. The trainings aim to prepare teachers to teach with ICT, and advance their lifelong learning skills by building a community of teachers for sharing, discussing, debating, and improving instructional activities and learning designs. This project (2009-1-CY1-LEO05-00465) is supported by LEONARDO DA VINCI TRANSFER OF INNOVATION PROJECT, under the Lifelong Learning Programme.

To achieve the goals of this project, we will be transferring innovation from the world's leading institution, The Open University UK, on lifelong learning and on preparing teachers to teach with ICT. To ensure the success of the project, we will take into account global perspectives from the International Council for Educational Media.

The project outcomes will include:

  • a teacher training and lifelong learning framework
  • face-to-face and online teacher training modules
  • an online portal with a community of teachers

The learning framework will include instructional materials, learning environments and tools and a teacher/trainer handbook. Reports will also be produced on the evaluation of the training implementation, as well as on the dissemination and exploitation of the results. The short-term impact of these outcomes include to reach out to at least 500 teachers through workshops, trainings, and conferences. The long-term impact will be to reach out to thousands of students and to advance the quality of teachers competencies and the overall quality of education offered to EU citizens. Furthermore, the integration and extension of the transfer of innovation from partners’ previous projects will enable us to create a dynamic and robust framework that will empower Cyprus and Europe to become a leader in trainer and teacher training, as well as online and blended learning, with an emphasis on lifelong learning.



Useful Links

E-Learning Platform (PI): Training material

Cloudworks: Online Teachers' community




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